Auto response to a found dog report:

Thank you for taking this lost dog into your home and for all you are doing to help find his/her owner.
  • Check for a license or ID tag. – No tags? Ask around your neighborhood in case the dog lives nearby.
  • Take the dog to the nearest veterinarian or shelter to have the dog scanned for a microchip & look for a tattoo.
  • Call your local police (non-emergency line) to report the dog found.
  • Call your local animal control agency (ACO), complete a found dog report or bring the dog to them if you are unable to keep the dog while searching for the dog’s owner.
  • Post found dog flyers around the neighborhood and animal service businesses. Create a sign like a yard sale sign and post in your yard or the nearest intersection.
  • Post on your local Craig’s List (under both the Lost and Found and Pet sections), place a newspaper ad, post on other lost and found internet sites.

Please check Lost Dogs Illinois Facebook albums to see if this dog matches any of the missing dogs listed.

Important Note:

Many fans post information in regards to the dog you have found. Please add your name as a “tag” on your LDI Is This Your Lost Dog post so you will receive Facebook alerts with possible new information about the found dog.

To Tag: Go to the dog’s photo and click onto the photo; then click “Tag Photo”, which will be to the right of the pic and/or bottom of the pic. Click one more time anywhere on the photo, enter your name in the pop-up box, then press enter. Then click “Done Tagging”.

Tips for Returning a Found Dog to the Lawful Owner:

When someone calls in response to an ad and/or flyer, ask the caller’s name and telephone number and tell him/her, you’ll call back right away.

Do not offer a description of the dog, let the person inquiring describe the dog including unique identifying characteristics. (i.e. scars, tattoo, behaviors, color patterns, etc.)

Ask for Proof of Ownership ( one of the following):

· Vet records (call their vet to confirm)
· Rabies certificate or license
· Adoption papers, registration papers, transfer of ownership or bill of sale
· Photos (dated and w/family members)

Observe the meeting of the dog and person; does the dog show familiarity with person.

Meeting to return the dog: be sure to let a friend or family know where you are meeting or ask one of them to go along. Meet at your local police parking lot, your vet office or any public place in the daylight.

If you find the owner of the dog, please notify us by completing the status update at PetFBI. Also, please let us know how the owner was located by adding a comment to the bottom of the report.

Please Note:  Due to the sheer number of Lost and Found dogs submitted to our page, we are only able to post a dog that is being held in a private home while the finder is looking for the dog’s owner.  If the dog is being held at Veterinary Clinic, Police Department, Animal Control or stray holding facility, please encourage them to sign up with PetFBI, a national map based website, to list their “found” animals.