Auto response to a lost dog report:

Lost Dogs Illinois is a registered Illinois charitable organization, 501 (c) 3 all-volunteer organization and is a FREE service. .

Facebook postings are not automatic and will be posted as soon as one of our volunteers is available to post.

Website Resources:

In the meantime you can utilize the resources contained on our website to help you in finding your dog; Lost Dog Action Plan, 5 things to do if you lost your dog and more. These tips/resources are located under the tab named Lost a Dog.

We offer a series of articles on tips/strategies for finding both shy and outgoing/friendly dogs available at:

For shy dogs
For dogs lost from somewhere other than their home
For outgoing/friendly dogs
If you feel your dog has been stolen
LDI discourages the use of rewards and this is why.

Please utilize our website resources to launch a comprehensive search for your dog! Statistics show getting the message out quickly is essential to recovery and remember not everyone with a computer is on Facebook.

Important Note on Your LDI Post:

Many fans post information in regards to your dog, please add your name as a “tag” on your LDI missing dog post so you will receive Facebook alerts with possible new information about your lost dog.

To Tag: Go to your dog’s photo and click onto the photo; then click “Tag Photo”, which will be to the right of the pic and/or bottom of the pic. Click one more time anywhere on the photo, enter your name in the pop-up box, then press enter. Then click “Done Tagging”.

Questions and Follow Up
Please feel free to email us at or Facebook message on the LDI Facebook page should you have any questions.

If you live in the Chicago area, please contact & physically go to City of Chicago Animal Care & Control (312-747-1406) and Animal Welfare League (708-636-8586). Also check Petharbor. If you don’t know where your city, township or county’s lost animals are held, call your local (non-emergency) police department for information.

You can receive real time email alerts whenever a lost or found pet is reported on Pet FBI for your chosen area. (Zip Code + radius, up to 200 miles). You can also specify one or more categories of pets: cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, small mammals, “other” or “all”. (Note: You can change your settings or unsubscribe at any time). It’s FREE

When you are reunited with your dog, please update the status.  Go to  Pet FBI, click “Manage My Reports” at the top in order to edit and update your report to “Reunited”. Please let us know what worked to get your lost dog home. This information is very helpful to the other owners of lost dogs. Thank you!

Don’t give up hope; many dogs are found days, months and even years later.

Thank you!
Lost Dogs Illinois

Lost Dogs Illinois (LDI) is a FREE Service for all to use.  If someone contacts you and claims to be a volunteer or an employee of LDI and is asking you to pay them to help you, then they are trying to scam you. If are contacted in this manner, please file a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General Office.