File a Report

To File a Lost or Found Report with PetFBI, please click on the link below:


We are sorry that you are missing your dog!  Please read the following thoroughly before you submit your form. If at all possible submit your form from a desktop computer with a good internet connection. Have a clear photo of your dog ready. Please do NOT submit a photo of your dog with children. For safety’s sake, we will not use it and it will delay the process of getting your flyers made.

Form submissions work best from a desktop computer (rather than a tablet or smartphone). If you do not have a desktop computer and are having trouble submitting the form, please ask a family member, friend or coworker to help.  If you are still having trouble submitting the form, please message us for assistance.

Lost Dogs Illinois is an all-volunteer organization. We partner with PetFBI. PetFBI is a centralized database and creates the free flyers and social media links that we use.  Neither Lost Dogs Illinois nor PetFBI charge for our services. Shortly after you submit the above form, you will receive an email with a flyer for your lost dog. Facebook postings are not automatic and will be done as soon as our volunteers are able to post. You will receive an automated email with tips to help you get started while you are waiting for your flyer to be made. Please check your spam email if you have not received either the automated email or the flyers.

Statistics show getting the message out about your missing dog is essential to recovery.

Please feel free to email us at should you have any questions. Many fans post information in regards to your dog, please tag your name to the LDI post about your missing dog. (To tag: Go to your dog’s photo and click onto the photo; then click Tag This Photo. Enter your name and then press enter. Then click Done Tagging.)

When you do find your dog, please return to  and click “Manage My Reports” at the top in order to edit and update your report to Reunited. This information is very helpful to the other owners of lost dogs.

Don’t give up hope; many dogs are found days, months and even years later.

Thank you!
Lost Dogs Illinois

BEWARE – SCAMMERS  may try to contact you offering “Free” Services shortly after you file a report with us. They are getting your contact information from our listings. They say that their initial services are free but will then ask for your credit card number to “boost” your post.  This is a scam. They are not providing the services they promise.  PLEASE be careful.  We are a FREE service, run entirely by volunteers. We have been in existence for over nine years and have helped reunite thousands of dogs.