A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…….

Earlier this week, a lost dog became stranded on the Kennedy Expressway. NBC News Video  showed concerned citizens and officials trying to capture the dog. It was very heart-wrenching to watch an “owned” female dog that was in pain and scared to death trying to elude her captors, people who took action that was in the dog’s best interest.

Lucky for her, she had a team of guardian angels:

The group of men who captured her on the Expressway.

The director of the American Animal Rescue Society posted the video on the organization’s Facebook page asking for a foster home willing to take care of the dog despite her injury.

Ev, a fan of the American Animal Rescue Society and LDI, posted the video on LDI’s Facebook page asking, “Does this dog look familiar?”

Jackie, a LDI volunteer, jumped into matching mode, found a Craigslist lost dog ad with the dog’s picture and then found the “found” dog listing on Petharbor, the website where Chicago Animal Control posts found dogs.  Jackie was able to determine that all three pictures were very similar so she contacted the owner immediately.

It was like the planets were aligned on that fateful day. Within 24 hours, Lassie was claimed by her owners and was taken to a veterinarian.

So when someone says, “Oh, you should never post a picture of the dog you found,” tell him or her about Lassie because her picture was worth even more than a thousand words…much, much more.

UPDATE:  Dr. Hammer of Norwood Park Animal Hospital is donating his services  for Lassie’s medical needs.