If you don’t know much about resiliency, you need to hear Blackie’s story…

Blackie was adopted by a loving family only days before he escaped from his new home in Gurnee, WI on October 1st, 2011. A while later, a family saw Blackie visiting their neighbor’s yard. And, then, the family members saw Blackie stop by their own backyard! Blackie obviously preferred the yard that belonged to the family that spotted him because he began to return to the yard night after night.

Realizing Blackie was a lost pet, the family started to leave food for Blackie to enjoy each night during his visits. And, each night, the family moved the food they left for Blackie a bit deeper into their yard, a bit closer to a storage shed at the edge of their property line. Finally, the family left Blackie’s dinner at the entrance to the shed. Blackie was too happy to take the “bait” and soon found himself secured in the family’s shed…and then, in their house!

Blackie was missing from his adopted family’s home for 147 days before being reunited with his owners on February 25, 2012. His adopted owners told us, “We are so happy to have him home!” And all of us are happy he’s home with you, too!

Welcome home Blackie! And, thank you to Blackie’s second family, his rescuers!